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1. COST – Determine what you plan to spend. The average cost is approximate – $300 – $600. (Note: Be SMART! Plan at least three (3) months in advance.)(Stay in the stress free zone.)

2. LOCATION – Find a location to host the party. Gyms, Recreational Centers, Parks, Clubhouses, etc. are GREAT locations.

3. TIME – Set a time for the party.

4. INVITATIONS – RSVP will give you an approximate number of persons to expect. You may want to include the child(ren)’s favorite item(s) or desire(s) on the invitation.

5. ENTERTAINMENT – TYCA the CLOWN…of course! TYCA can arrive roughly forty-five (45) minutes after guests arrive and can entertain any crowd for any duration of time (at least one (1) hour).

6. SIZE – You determine the number of persons you would like to enjoy this
occasion with you.  Keep in mind that the ten (10) – twenty-five (25) is average. (Regardless of the number, TYCA the CLOWN can and will keep them entertained!)

7. PARTY THEME – Find out your child(ren)’s favorite character, color or

8. FOOD – Examples of great party “bites” include pizza, mini subs, hot dogs,
 chicken wings, cookies, chips, drinks, cake, etc.! 

9. CLEAN-UP CREW – Your Clean-Up Crew will consist of two (2) – four (4) persons who will clean as the party progresses.